Relating the Graduation Projects of different university’ Faculties with unified strategic country’ national projects


On Tuesday 13/06/2017 & on its regular monthly meeting for Deans’ council, Prof. Dr. Maged ElKemary   pointed out that the final exams of the university are proceeding in peace because of following and applications of strict regulations & assertiveness from the side of university faculties. On the same line,   Prof El kemary stressed on the importance of maintaining security of the work at the control rooms (exam rooms) through following rules & regulations of Supreme Council of Universities, as well as the stipulated rules & regulations endorsed by KFS, further requesting all Deans to keep monitoring and speed up the process of exam’s correction & announcement of exam’ results as well.  

On the other hand, the university president discussed the importance of international relations particularly in the field of sciences & scientific research pointing out that the concerns should be directed to get benefit from the research out-comes and transfer it to application. In addition, the initiatives for international cooperative agreement between the university and other universities in the foreign’ countries must be encouraged. 

On the same meeting, El kemary discussed the importance of relating country national projects with graduations projects of different university’ faculties to go with the research strategic plan of the university as well as to be on line with the country unified strategic plan.