First Institute of Drug Discovery & Development at Kafrelsheikh University


On Wednesday 8/6/2017 the council of ministers has decree and approval on the establishment of Drug Discovery & Development Institute at Kafrelsheikh University , to be the first institute in Egypt.

In this regards, Prof. Maged Elkemary president Kafrelsheikh University announced that going with the update & utilizing technology in general & Field of Drug in particular is considered among the basic infrastructures; as well the cornerstone of attracting investment in addition , the technology of drug discovery is among the main goals of national security in Egypt , where the aim of establishment of this institute is directed to decrease as well as to overcome the gap in developing the manufacturing of drugs ; and to be among the top countries in this field through objective & enthaustic vision for monitoring of needed requirements & having suitable environment which supported by political initiative for encouraging and supporting outstanding scientific researches’ outcome to be used in pharmatheutical purposes.

Dr. Elkemary further added that the university is working very hard for raising the investment & creativity of candidates who will be enrolled in this institute specially in manufacturing drugs and give opportunities for the researchers to transfer the results of their researches from Laboratories to be applied in the industrial field specially in the market of drugs.

Dr. ElKemary also reported that there is no any Institute for Drug Discovery & Development in Egyptian universities or any of the Arab countries, whereas there are more than 70 specialized drug institute in USA , and a presence of at least one institute in the following European countries; France, England , Italy . Also presence of more than institute in Israel which close to the region . These reflect the importance of looking for quality of products of manufactured drugs , as well as its discovery by advanced and developed countries for the sake of human being.