UNESCO International Literacy Prize 2017


The United Nations Organization for Education, Sciences & Culture has announced about beginning of receiving nominees from the countries’ members of the organization for attainment UNESCO International Literacy   Prize 2017, the idea of UNESCO international prize has been developed since 1967, it includes:


1-      UNESCO prize for King Segongh for Literacy under patronage of Korea, in this year nomination  for getting  the prize should consider reinforcement of mother language in purpose of education ,and  training in the field of literacy


2-      UNESCO prize for Konfothsus for Literacy under patronage of Republic of China. In this year   Nomination   should consider “Literacy among adults in villages & youth for those who are not enrolled at schools, specially girls and women.


These prizes are donated every year for governmental organizations & Non-governmental organizations, & individuals as acknowledgement for their outstanding participation in reinforcing efforts and achievements at the same time as appreciation for their continuous efforts in the field of literacy.


For those who are interested in attainment such prizes to fill out the electronic format which designed for that purpose through developing a user account through the following link:    



For more information about the prize and procedures, you need to go the following link


In addition, you can visit the following web for any clarifications & communication


 For those who are interested for the prize completion of the electronic format and passing an electronic copy   for citizens committee by 11th of June 2017 to assist the committee having enough time. ,  the  deadline for receiving nominations will be 14th June 2017 through the following e-mails :