Cooperation agreement between Yana University in Germany and Kafrelsheikh University in Egypt


Global competition highlights asymmetries in the skill endowments of firms. Collaboration may provide an opportunity for one partner to internalize the skills of the other, and thus improve its position both within and without the alliance. Not all partners are equally adept at learning; that asymmetries in learning alter the relative bargaining power of partners; that stability and longevity may be inappropriate metrics of partnership success; that partners may have competitive, as well as collaborative aims, vis-à-vis each other; and that process may be more important than structure in determining learning outcomes.

A cooperation agreement between Yana University in Germany and Kafrelsheikh University “KFS” in Egypt has been signed   , these as part of scientific cooperation  between the two universities  in the area of Security & Biosafety 

Objectives, Scope, and Mainstream Activities of the agreement

Both institutions agree to encourage the development of the following types of activities:

·         Explore the possibilities for developing joint translational research programs and collaborations in fields of  security & biosafety

·         Support in establishing   specialized  laboratory  for  of early detection of diseases , viruses , & Bacteria  

·         Exchange of academic information and materials, researchers, specialized resources and expertise in specific areas  clinical medicine and other potential fields of mutual  interest

·         Conduct seminars, workshops , conferences for raising awareness of Security & Biosafety  specially for those & who are working in the field  or have direct contact with bacteria , viruses , infectious diseases……………….

·         Developing a subject matter (course) to be offered among study plan for undergraduate related covering importance of security & biosafety  in related study fields