University President, Prof. Maged Elkemary meeting with Doctorate candidate from Stirling University, Scotland


Within the framework of working on the diagnosis of societal problems,  and effective contribution to overcome it , and the activation of scientific research in the fields of societal responsibility for contribution to meet the needs of society maintaining  sustainable development services,  Prof Dr  Maged el Kemary president of Kafrelsheikh university has a meeting today  with Mr. Philip, Doctorate candidate  from Stirling University, Scotland .Philip have three-month scientific mission at Kafrelsheikh University  as part of the research project and cooperation agreement  between the two universities in the field of diagnosing diseases affecting Egyptian Bolti  fish,  and  reducing its impact  and spread in the fish farms.

This meeting includes following-up the work of the research project, discussing research results, exploring the university possibilities for project success, finding solutions that contribute to increase fish resistance to the diseases and reducing the loss , thus to meet the growing demands of fishes and improving the economics .

As well, el Kemary points out that this project aims to find a solution to the unknown causes of fish’ death “tilapia”  in certain seasons.  

It is worth mentioning that the president had a visit for United Kingdom last week to participate in different workshops with Scottish side, donors and industrial sectors and to discuss the outcome of the scientific project, in addition develop and encourage the scientific cooperation between the two universities in this field   also to  maximize the benefit from the project outcomes and  having a future work plan.