Minister of Higher Education Invites Media to Highlight Pioneering Experience of Kafrelsheikh University


The Minister of Higher Education praises the elegant and scientific level of the university hospital as he stresses that its construction and operation are completely in accordance with international standards and the university provides a role model for Egyptian Universities in terms of equipment and enormous possibilities as well as praises what he has seen in the Faculty of Fisheries as he confirms that this specialization keeps up with the local economic activity as the province produces 40% of the total fishes production in Egypt.

He also praises the technological and laboratory equipment at the Faculty of Science, stressing that it is qualified to graduate the best scientists. He also praises Nanotechnology Center at its temporary headquarters in the Faculty of Science and collective work and laboratory possibilities available for post-graduate students as well as the university’s interest in inaugurating a center for the care of staff members medically and the university’s interest of applied side in the educational process at Kafrelsheikh University. He praises the departments and lab equipment at the Faculty of Languages done at the highest level, asking media to highlight this pioneering experience of Kafrelsheikh University and enormous possibilities which you own.

The minister confirms that he has done opinion poll in the performance of university hospital which is positive and the patients are satisfied with medical service provided for them.