Dr Khalid Abed el Gaffar….”Kafrelsheikh University is an Elegant Model for National Universities”


On the sidelines of the press conference, Dr Khalid Abed el Gaffar stressed that the Minister of Higher Education exerts efforts for the increase of the availability to students to face the increase of numbers of those wishing to enroll in governmental universities. He pointed out that Kafrelsheikh University is an elegant model for national universities in terms of constructions and the quality of educational process, explaining that the university includes 47 thousands students and the expansion comes within reducing pressures on other universities and pointing out that the ministry aims to increase the number of universities as every governorate should has a distinguished university that represents intellectual and civilized radiance center and house of experience for the service of local community and the movement of scientific research that serve the plans of development. He also stresses that the university hospitals plays a pivotal role in providing 60% of the total medical service presented for citizens and 75% of the total of operations and this reflects the public’s confidence in this medical system and staff who manages.