Kafrelsheikh University Preparations for the Beginning of the Second Term


Prof Dr Maged el Kemary stresses that the university will start the exams of the second term scheduled to be held in the middle of next may and continue throughout the month of Ramadan and will end before the holiday of Eid al-Fitr.

As well, he points out the need to complete the preparations of exams’ schedules and announces them before a sufficient time of exams as well as determine controls’ heads and be commitment to the terms that must be available in choosing controls’ members and committees’ heads and restrict observers numbers and announce exams’ rules as well as raise the degree of readiness for providing committees with doctors and nursing, form examiners’ committees. The subject professor should attend during the time of his exam; the questions should be inclusive of the curriculum and specific time for exams should be appropriate. He points out that the phenomenon of online and collective cheating should be confronted and the final result of exams should be announced after finishing the examinations directly.