The Surprise Visit of the President for University Hospital


Within the framework of follow-up of medical workflow at the university hospital and the therapeutic service for citizens and in a humanitarian perspective emanating from the keenness of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary for continuous follow-up of medical services provided for patients, he does a surprise visit for the university hospital on Sunday 16/4/2017.

As well, he listens to patients at the reception section without knowing their identity, inquires them about the quality of medical service and how they satisfy about it and the good treatment of the employees in the administrative device or medical staff and the extent of interest in their pathological case and the ticket price that they paid.

In the same context, he surveys the different hospital departments and confirms the commitment and presence of doctors and nurses to ensure the best level of medical service.

He stresses the need to pay attention to patients and provide full medical care without negligence or default.