The President Witnesses the Fourth International Festival for Ideal Mother


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary witnessed yesterday Tuesday 21/03/2017 the fourth international festival for ideal mother under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Charity and Humanitarian Association for the fourth year held in the Grand Hall at Cairo University in celebration of Mother's Day and gratitude for their sacrifice for their children. This year, women from Singapore, UAE, Oman, Libya, Tunisia and Jordan participated in this festival.

As well, el Kemary said that the aim of this festival is trustworthiness and honor as these unique models from Arab countries, the owners of tender, successful experiments and sacrifices, should lead this scene until they become an example for others and role model.

He added that the Egyptian Mother is a symbol of giving, pointing out that we must stand next to her, celebrate her day and highlight her giving and sacrifices to be a role model.

Otherwise, the consultant Ibrahim Abu Milha, the vice president of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Charity and Humanitarian Association, mentions that Egypt is the heart of Arab and Islamic Nations.

Ideal mothers from (Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Jordan, Republic of Lebanon, Singapore, Oman, Tunisia, Qatar and Republic of Libya) were honored.