Between Reality and Hope: the Nineteenth Seminar at the Faculty of Education

In recognition of the university role in promoting the educational process and under the patronage of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary, the events of the nineteenth seminar is launched today Wednesday 12/03/2017 entitled (excellence in education “reality and hope” at the Faculty of Education.

The seminar begins with the speech of the president who welcomes the attendances stressing that the excellence in education is to ensure the future of next generations, increase the societies’ income, shift from the typical economy to knowledge economy and transfer the countries from the third world countries to developed countries.

He adds that the professor is not only a job, but he has a message which is to acquire students with skills and develop them and the education in its traditional systems does not fit with the requirements of this age from the emergence of profession and the disappearance of other and the use of advanced technology on a large scale in all areas of life.

Therefore, methods of education, learning and correcting curriculum should be developed on the basis of required outputs and the student should have an active role in the process of learning, not just a recipient.

In a related context, he points out that the development of the educational process begins from the development of the faculties of Education by upgrading the skills of staff members and acquiring them with skills through training courses and workshops.

He stresses that the main goal of this seminar is to present visions through which they can improve the governmental education, put advanced assessment methods that raise the level of teacher and student as well as propose new mechanisms to attract the students to back to school.