Together Against Corruption


Under the patronage of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary and in cooperation with Administrative Control Authority, the educational program for the dissemination of values of integrity and transparency is opened today Monday 13/3/2017 as the opening seminar is held at the Faculty of Commerce in which the president talks about the concept of corruption, its types and the methods of combating it.

As well, he stresses that the corruption is not only financial or administrative corruption, but it has also many types such as when the student refrains from attending lectures and does not maintain the university facilities, when the employee obstructs the interests of the public and the famous phrase within the governmental authorities is “please come tomorrow” and when the official takes advantage of his position in favor of his personal interests.

Arbitrariness in the application of laws and regulations, waste of public money and the lack of time management are the other types of corruption as it is diverse and has varied effects.

He says during the seminar “The situation in Egypt is dominated by the prevailing culture and the general mood of Egypt, and the issue of transparency, legal liability and respect of the law need to be re-corrected, clarified and be aware of. The reports indicates that the corruption rates in Egypt are relatively high, so Kafrelsheikh University is one of the universities that fight corruption.

He adds that Egypt is one of the richest countries in the world with resources and human powers that do not exist in any country besides its geographical location which is unprecedented, but because of corruption, it suffers from the low level of services and the low productivity of individuals.

As well, el Kemary points out that Kafrelsheikh University, in the recent period, has fought corruption in all its forms thanks to maximizing the use of available possibilities, enhancing the public interest on personal interest, achieving the principle of transparency, integrity and justice and using the evaluation criteria in appointing staff members in the new faculties according to announced and measurable standards and linking education to labor market.

Otherwise, the existence of good governance is one of the basic ways to fight against corruption as well as follow up and the hope industry so that we can become role models for youth as they lack role models in their practical lives and should have a symbol to follow and thus we have a stronger hope for success.

We all must play our role and participate in the decision to find solutions for our problems and ask the officials to handle with deficiencies in the provided services as well as report about corruption sources.