El kemary meets with the Students of STEM High School


Within the interest of the university in supporting the outstanding students scientifically and urging them for excellence and within the events of the science club, the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary meets with the students of STEM high school.

He begins his meeting with welcome speech expressing his deep appreciation for talented students in their studies.

As well, he stresses the necessary for students to continue their superiority advising them of perseverance and hard work and wishes that they can provide benefit for their colleagues through their experience in the visit of the university faculties and its labs with scientific techniques and advanced research as well as he says that all the university possibilities are deployed to embrace their ideas and develop them.

In a related context, the students express their happiness of the visit of the university and stress their benefit from the visit of the educational factory at the Faculty of Pharmacy as well as Nanotechnology lab at the Faculty of Science.