Prof Dr Maged el Kemary Opens the Events of the Science Week at the Faculty of Pharmacy


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary opens the events of the science week organized by the Faculty of Pharmacy for the second year respectively coinciding with the Egyptian Science Week to simplify the sciences for different categories of the community.

From his part, Prof Dr Maged el Kemary says that the science week will continue from today Sunday until next Thursday, pointing out that it includes scientific lectures with simple scientific content for reaching the student of various faculties to get the most desirable benefit and provide the scientific material for all scientific and non-scientific faculties.

At the beginning of his speech, el Kemary welcomes the attendances and the students and says that the Faculty of Pharmacy is one of modern faculties which has five years old and one of the faculties that cares for education and scientific research as well as one of the distinguished faculties at the Egyptian, national and international level and has promising future such all youth as they are hope and future and the aim of this week is to spread the scientific culture to be life style as scientific culture means the scientific thinking where the science is the basis and means for us in everything in our lives and thus our goal in the end is to produce knowledge which will turn us to the knowledge era and to also a community producer of knowledge. Kafrelsheikh University is a nascent university with a distinct identity as it has established infrastructure for scientific research of scientific centers and labs and we start now establishing the scientific institutions in the future science. All of this is attractive environment for creativity, innovation and knowledge production and for young researchers or students in the scientific and health faculties because our goal is not only education, but it is the excellence in education, aimed scientific research and applied scientific research which produces knowledge and its application in various fields. This can only be achieved from publishing the scientific culture. For all of this, we have started the Science Week.

El Kemary adds that he had approved in the last month to establish the Institute of Science and nanotechnology which is one science of future sciences as all various sciences begins to turn towards Nanotechnology science, so that Nanotechnology has abolished all barriers and distances among all sciences. The applications of this science is are available in all disciplines whether scientific or agricultural or medical.


As well, he refers to meeting of pharmaceutical sciences sector committee inside the Faculty of Pharmacy and this is the first time for the committee to be held outside Cairo and its approval on establishing drug discovery and development institute and this science is very important as it represents a national security for Egyptians. Our goal from the faculty is not only a pharmacist graduate, but it is also a researcher graduate capable of developing and producing drugs and this is one of the themes of strategic plan for Kafrelsheikh University and developmental dimensions for the university in all fields. The governorate inhabitants begin to feel the positive impact of Kafrelsheikh governorate and its social and economic reflection inside the province and this is just the beginning as the second phase is to activate researchers on a high level of responsibility and experience in the various specialisms as the education opportunities inside the province were very limited, but now they are diversified and the governorate become the attractive governorate for student from different governorates.

At the end of his speech, he wishes success to all in the Science Week and adds that the students of preparatory and high schools will start from tomorrow to visit the different faculties inside the university to enjoy the simplification of Science which is the most important goal of the Science Week goals as pre-university student needs to simplify the different sciences whether pharmaceutical science or Nanotechnology, or food science or in any field of different fields and he wishes the students to succeed in simplifying the sciences and delivering the message for the community as Kafrelsheikh University is the leader of development in the governorate.