The President Opens Seminar of Diabetes


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary opens today Thursday 23/2/2017 the clinical seminar of diabetes entitled “modern developments in the remedy of diabetes” organized by the Faculty of Medicine in conjunction with “Boehringer Ingelheim” of drugs in the seminar hall in the presence of Dr Abed el Raziq e Dousouki, the vice president for education and students’ affairs, Dr Hasan el Batti, the dean of the Faculty of Medicine; Dr Mohamed Abed el All, the manager of the university hospital and with the participation of professors and doctors of diabetes.

During the seminar, el Kemary said that the diabetes is one of the most common diseases around the world especially the developing countries, pointing out that the current statistics indicate that there are more than 280 million people with diabetes in the world and this percentage will increase to 420 million in 2030.

As well, the president adds that the scientists’ efforts and their researches are continuous to discover new medicines and invent ways to completely eliminate diabetes and with the scientific progress and the emergence of techniques such as the use of stem cells or nanotechnology, scientists have begun attempts to be applied in the treatment of diabetes.

El Kemary mentions that new Nano devices are invented to be used in measuring the insulin proportions produced by “beta cells” in the pancreas, pointing out that these devices are very sensitive during the measurement process so that they are an alternative to regular sugar measuring devices through the blood.

The seminar discusses the latest protocols for the treatment of diabetes of the second type, the role of beneficial bacteria in the treatment of diabetes and the latest protocols in the remedy of the increase of fat percentage.