Deans Council


Deans council holds under the authority of the President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary today Monday 13/2/2017 its monthly meeting to discuss and review the monthly developments and topics in the presence of the vices of president, the General-Secretary and the deans.

At the beginning of the meeting, el Kemary congratulates the council for the beginning of the second term wishing for all employees the success and discusses with the deans all arrangements and rules organized for the beginning of the second term.

As well, the president stresses the specialization of part of lectures about anti-corruption, clarifying the anti-corruption policies and the role of students in fighting against corruption through the commitment and mastery of the work. Otherwise, they discuss the latest developments for the university hospital stressing the importance of training the employees on using the fire extinguishers, automatic fire extinguishing and the training of the specialists in their field.

On the other hand, the president stresses the importance of the development of post-graduation and the international publication and urges all staff members who travel abroad to write the name of the university on their researches published outside the university as well as motivate staff members and urges them on this pointing out that the international publication has a great importance as it has a key pillar and one of the most important factors of universities’ classification globally.