Council of Ministers Approves the Establishment of the First Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary mentions that the council of ministers approves on its council today Wednesday 8/2/2017 to establish Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Institute at Kafrelsheikh University which cares for supporting the conduct of world-class researches in multidisciplinary Nanoscience to solve the most pressing problems in the field of medicine, environment, information technology, energy, homeland security, food and water safety and transport. The scientific degrees are granted for post-bachelor (Diploma, Master’s Degree and Doctorate) as well as conducting the training courses in sciences and specialisms of different Nanotechnologies.

As well, he explains that Nanotechnology is an ultrafine technology and a fertile field for cognitive race around the world which is the most prominent feature in the history of human knowledge until now.

Who has led Nanotechnology, would control the world economy in the twenty-first century as this technology will change the human life to the best and will be able to influence in a short period in all spheres of life in a way that cannot be predicted until the imagination’s ability is unimaginable.

Otherwise, el Kemary mentions that the university has established the infrastructure for this technology through establishing Nanotechnology center and all of Nano-photons, solar power lab and laser lab at the Faculty of Science and building  distinct partnerships with distinct entities in the Nanotechnology from all over the developed world as well as preparing distinct research cadres of different scientific backgrounds in the field of nanotechnology and they are about to complete the cadres by attracting the outstanding efficiencies in this field and establish a separate building for the institute according to the international standards.