The Closing Ceremony of the Child University


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary receives today Thursday 9/2/2017 the students of the second stage of the Child University.

He begins the ceremony with a welcome speech for the students reviewing the available possibilities for the sons of Kafrelsheikh governorate for training and development of different skills for students.

As well, he discusses with the students the different activities that they undertake and simplify the sciences for example: isolation of DNA from strawberries at the Faculty of Agriculture; the provision of electricity by using LED bulbs at the Faculty of Science as well as water purification at Nanotechnology center.

In a related context, he stresses the need to benefit from researches and innovations for students and the university will embrace these ideas and work on its development with the need for registering patents to retain the intellectual property of their owners through the patents office at the university.