The President Meets with the Students Participating in the Military Education Course


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary meets today Tuesday 7/2/2017 with the students participating in the military education course at the university.

In his speech, he salutes the men of the armed forces on their outstanding performance everywhere and on all fronts either on battlefronts or maintaining the safety and security inside Egypt, securing the food security as well as their role in spreading awareness and respond to rumors in the social networking websites.

As well, he also thanks the students participating in the military education course at the university for their commitment and presence in these courses as its goal is to build a national figure in the first place that gathers among sport, science and arts; it is necessary to prepare the young people well prepared and create all available circumstances for creativity, excellence and innovation to be able to continue the process of development inside the country as Egypt, throughout the ages, has internal and external challenges as a result of its unique location.

El Kemary said in his speech to students that whatever is currently established of holding national projects are achievements on the homeland for youth as the new faculties and the education and treatment opportunities were not existed in the province before. The awareness and developmental convoys held in the Border Villages yesterday were for the service of citizens as Kafrelsheikh University in the past five years were quite different from now and has not the existing basic constituents of infrastructure, medical faculties, university hospital, student hospital as education and health are one of the rights of every citizen guaranteed by the constitution and the law.

On the other hand, El kemary adds in his speech that a center for the treatment of heart and chest next to the university hospital will be established as well as the establishment of Nanotechnology institute and drug discovery and development institute as a nucleus for a scientific city that aims at the development and creating a human cadres capable of facing the crises. The state cannot do such things on their own, but every citizen should do his role within the community and the configuration for the future through developing ourselves constantly and not to stand at a certain level; there must be an ambitious goal as by will and determination, we can get what we want as I cannot imagine that I will reach this level of development in the university for five years, but by work and the promotion of public interest over private interest, there will be a success in all fields.

At the end of the meeting, Prof Dr Maged el Kemary donates some gifts for the students participating in the military education course wishing all success and prosperity for them.