Kafrelsheikh University Convoy in Abu Khashba, el Gazerah el Khadrah and Moghaizel Tower


Under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary, the comprehensive developmental and awareness convoy is launched today Monday 6/2/2017 organized by Kafrelsheikh University in the fields of medicine, agriculture, veterinary medicine and fishes in villages of Abu Khashba, el Gazerah el Khadra and Moghaizel Tower.

The convey is headed by Prof Dr Ali Abu Shoshaa, the vice president for community service and environment development affairs, the deans of the Faculties of Medicine, Agriculture, Fisheries and Veterinary Medicine.

As well, the convoy achieves its desired goal towards helping the villagers through providing medical services of free check-ups and treatment in the different medical specialties (Dermatology - Chest - Internal Medicine - Pediatrics - sciatica - Surgery - Urology - Otolaryngology - Ophthalmology - Orthopedics - Brain & Neuro Medicine) through a distinct medical team including a group of staff members and assistant staff at the Faculty of Medicine and the cases examined and provided a free treatment are 525.

Staff members of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine participate also in this convoy to provide the therapeutic services for ill animals and poultries, extension services for educators and producers and provide free medicines.

Otherwise, staff members of the Faculty of Agriculture and Fisheries participate and hold awareness meetings for farmers by resisting diseases of field and horticultural crops, pest control and the development of fisheries.

The villagers praise the role of convoy in meeting their needs and express their happiness wishing more of these convoys.