Before the Final Opening….. El Shihi and el Baihra Governor Survey Kafrelsheikh University Hospital


On the sidelines of participating in the Youth Conference hosted by Kafrelsheikh governorate on Saturday, February 4, 2017, Prof Dr Ashraf el Shihi, the minister of Higher Education and Dr Mohamed Sultan, the governor of el Baihra accompanied by the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary to survey the preparations for the final opening of Kafrelsheikh University Hospital.

In a related context, the guests praised the level for which the hospital reaches; the minister of Higher Education mentions that although it is not the first visit of his sovereignty, but each visit impressed him more and more as the shape and equipment of the hospital change day by day.

As well, he stressed to pay attention to choose the cadres who will work at the hospital of doctors and nursing staff as it was noticed that some university or governmental hospitals do not complete its full capacity for the inability of cadres especially nursing.