The President Receives a Group of Young Inventors


Prof Dr Maged el Kemary receives today Morning Sunday a group of inventors and scientifically talented students in the different academic stages in the educational managements (Riyadh, Baltim and Kafrelsheikh east management).

As well, the students have reviewed a range of their own inventions and innovations as he discuss them in its scientific idea, how they work and the extent of their benefit; from the examples of these designs is an apparatus to convert Nile’s roses to feed and fertilizer that help in the development of animal wealth and the provision of Nile Water.

One of the ideas displayed on his sovereignty is an apparatus for generating electricity power through the mechanical movement of the cars and also there are innovative devices to provide the water, gas and firefighting.

He mentions that the university will embrace these students to develop their creative and innovative abilities through the different university labs and scientific cadres of staff members considering that these students are tools of change capable of facing the future challenges.