The University Council: Comprehensive Developmental Convoys of Border Areas


The university council holds today Monday 30/1/2017 a meeting to discuss and review the most important university plans during the first term vacation and the latest developments in the educational arena.

As well, the president announces about organizing two convoys in the border, remote and poor areas such as Moghaizel tower and the green island subordinate to Motobas center within the developmental convoys to contribute to the local community within the light of the university developmental role in the service of community, pointing out that the Faculties of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture will participate in this convoy.

The president stresses the importance of rationalization of expenditure and optimal utilization of resources and periodic maintenance for electronic devices, especially computing devices as well as activation of the electronic channel for the university to familiarize the students with all the latest events, activities and news of the university at once.

Otherwise, el Kemary announces about the operation of Kafrelsheikh University Hospital within days a full operation and all the university possibilities will be geared for the service of the hospital to provide the best educational and medical services for the sons of the province and operation room will be equipped for the operation under the authority of the vice president for community service affairs Prof Dr Ali Abu Shoshaa; the Secretary-General Mr Abed Allah Gad and the dean of the Faculty of Engineering Dr Mahmoud Nemaa Allah and the dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof Dr Hasan el Batti.

The president searches with the council members the aspects of mutual scientific and research cooperation with the Republic of Ukraine within the contract signed by the Ministry of Higher Education with the Republic of Ukraine in the field of the exchange of scientific and technological research among the educational and service institutions among the two countries.