The President: the Rehabilitation and Training of Students participating in the Literacy Project


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary holds today a meeting with the higher committee of literacy to discuss the activation of cooperation protocol signed between the Supreme Council of Universities and the General Authority for Literacy and Adult Education on the faculties of Education, Specific Education, Arts and Commerce as a first step.

The meeting was attended by the vice president for community service and environment development affairs Prof Dr Ali Abu Shoshaa; the Secretary-General Mr Abed Allah Gad; the dean of the Faculty of Education Dr Subhi el Kafouri; the vice dean of the Faculty of Education for post-graduation studies Prof Dr Yasser el Gindy; the department head of Education Fundamentals Dr Mohamed el Monofi; the general manager of general management pf environment projects Mr Ahmed Khidr; the general manager of Adult Education Authority and Mr Attia Nasr, the manager of planning management at the general management of Adult Education, Kafrelsheikh branch.

As well, the meeting discuss that the faculties, through the specialist professors, will rehabilitate and train the students participating in literacy project on the latest methods of adult education and activate the follow-up card to clarify the executive position of every student separately as well as prepare a media and advertising component about the project and highlight the successful models of the project.

The president stresses that the students participating in literacy and adult education project will be granted many incentives including that when the student has wiped out more than 8 citizens “successful students”, he/she shall be exempted from tuition fees and the student housing expenses, has the priority for housing, get books for free and priority in the participation of social activities for free.