Arab Association for Culture and Arts Honors Prof Dr Maged el Kemary


Arab Association for Islamic civilization and Arts honors Prof Dr Maged el Kemary in recognition of his efforts and outstanding and supporting role in the second international conference of the Arab Society held in Luxor in the period from 26-29 October 2016.

As well, Dr Mohamed Zainhom, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the association and the accompanying delegation handsel the association shield to Prof Dr Maged el Kemary during their visit for the university.

Dr Muhammed Zenhom stresses the need for continuing the cooperation between the two sides for more cultural and civilized work.

From his side. Prof Dr Maged el Kemary said that the Arab Society for Islamic civilization and arts plays an important role toward enhancing the dialogue among cultures, alliance among civilizations and coexistence among peoples out of concern for building a new world in which the vales of tolerance based on the mutual respect, adopting the principles of justice and equality and human rights for international relations.