Kafrelsheikh University Celebrates the second Batch of the Students of Arabic Language Center to Non-native Speakers


Prof Dr Maged el Kemary witnesses today Sunday 25/12/2016 the graduation celebration of the students of Arabic Language Center to Non-native Speakers, totaling 29 foreign students from China held at the Faculty of Arts.

The president expresses his happiness to graduate the second batch of Chinese students and their master of the first level in Arabic Language, wishing them to continue in the other levels and promising to develop the level of performance, quality and possibilities.

As well, the president stresses that scientific agreements are signed with Chinese scientific universities and institutions with its different levels to teach Arabic Language inside Kafrelsheikh University.

El Kemary adds that the university has witnessed a growing demand of expatriates from Arab, Africa and Asian countries and also students studying Arabic Language of non-speaking countries of the Arabic Language; these are multiple activities for the service of the community and within the framework of developmental trend of the university and the activation of international dimension, Kafrelsheikh University has become a role model thanks to Allah, then the efforts of sincere people.

Otherwise, el Kemary thanks everyone who have contributed to this program, noting that this wonderful performance of graduate students show that Arabic Language Teaching Center at Kafrelsheikh University is one of the outstanding centers in this field; he promises that there will be in the near future a separate place for the center and develop its own regulations to grant students a scientific degree equivalent to Bachelor Degree.

During the ceremony, the president honors the ideal students and who have obtained the first, second and third places at the level of the university and the level of student housing.