Kafrelsheikh University leads Veterinary Therapeutic Developmental Convoy for Uganda


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary announces about the university intention to send veterinary therapeutic developmental convoy to Uganda during the next February and will last for two weeks within the policy of the university to provide the medical and developmental support for neighboring countries in the regions of Nile Basin and Horn of Africa especially the Republic of Uganda due to the close and continuous ties of cooperation that link Egypt and Uganda in all fields.

He mentions that this convoy includes elite of staff members at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in all specialisms under the authority of the vice president of community service and environment development affairs to activate the role of therapeutic developmental university in the neighboring countries.

Otherwise, el Kemary explains that the convoy aims to develop the fish and animal wealth through the diagnosis and treatment of veterinary diseases, holding scientific symposiums in the fields of artificial insemination in animals, internal medicine, veterinary surgeries, genetics and genetic engineering and organizing the use of veterinary medicines and the university will provide some veterinary medicines for the Ugandan side.

Finally, he adds that these convoys come within the framework of the services presented by the University for local and international community to participate in its development.