Post-Graduation Studies Search the Beginning of Internationalization of Scientific Journals


Post-graduate studies council holds under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary today Sunday 18/12/2016 a meeting to discuss the latest developments in post-graduation studies and research and the mechanisms of advancement at scientific research system and post-graduation at different faculties and its research institutions.

As well, the president stresses the importance of publishing the researchers and staff members for their own scientific researchers in global scientific magazines and periodicals of effect factor and large fame, stressing the importance of international publication of scientific researches which is one of the most important standards in the classification of universities regionally and globally.

The president asks for the internationalization of research scientific magazines in the faculties to raise the efficiency of scientific publication, benefit from scientific and technological programs abroad and raise the efficiency of human cadres as well as form scientific committee including Yahia Zakaria Eid, the dean of the Faculty of Agriculture; Dr Nader Yahia Mustafa, the vice dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine; Dr Abed el Motlib Mossad Ramadan, the vice dean of the Faculty of Science and Dr Ahmed Abed el Fatah Tail, the vice dean of the Faculty of Fisheries for the internationalization of scientific journals.

 Otherwise, the president stresses that standards and mechanisms are put to choose the new cadres for Nanotechnology institute and drug discovery and development institute according to international standards measurable on the basis of efficiency, scientific researches and experiences within the development of scientific research system.