Deans Council


Deans’ council holds under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary today Monday 12/12/2016 its monthly meeting to discuss and review the monthly development and issues in the presence of the vices of president, the Secretary-General and the deans.

The president discusses with the deans all preparations and the rules organized for exams in preparation for the beginning of the first term which will begin on December 30, 2016 including the preparation of controls, exams committees inside the halls of study as well as preparing the exams schedules before the date of exams for long enough.

As well, the president stresses the presence of deans, the formation of examiners’ committees, making sure of the grading at once, reviewing the results more than once before its confirmation, preventing fraud and banning the entry of mobile phones inside the committees and making sure of students’ cards.

Otherwise, the president stresses to pay attention to develop the post-graduation studies and international publication for scientific researches, stimulating staff members and encouraging them to it pointing out that the international publication has a great importance as they become a key pillar and one factor of the most important factors of universities classification globally.