The President Opens the Faculty of Languages


The president opens today Sunday 27/11/2016 the first stage of the Faculty of Languages which amounted to 15 million pounds and the opening of the second stage will be in the second term to be the total cost of 30 million pounds. It is worth mentioning that the Faculty of Languages is the seventeenth faculty within the faculties of Kafrelsheikh University.

As well, el Kemary does a survey for the faculty after being opened and congratulates staff members, employees and students and urges them on the need to maintain the faculty to be a beacon of knowledge and for the future generations wishing them more success.

El Kemary points out that the Faculty of Languages is one of the most important theoretical faculties and is a pride for Delta region as it is the first faculty established in the Delta and this faculty is important as the languages has become a key requirement of the market requirement now.