"Atheism and the Nation's Youth”, Religious Seminar at the Faculty of Engineering


The Faculty of Engineering witnesses today Wednesday 23/11/2016 the fifth day of the events of religious campaigns organized by the Awqaf Directorate of Kafrelsheikh in coordination with community service and environment development sector to educate young people and to clarify the misconceptions under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary entitled “Atheism, and the nation's youth”.

As well, the Sheikh Abed el Hai Sarhan stresses that it is no doubt that young people are the arms of the nation, so the enemies poured their arrows toward youth to eliminate the nation as a whole and use all multiple devices such as destructive ideas and corrupt theories as well as tried to broadcast their venom toward our people known as the atheism, a philosophical idea based on the denial of the existence of Allah, but there are some atheists who do not deny the existence of Allah, but doubt on the fundamentals of religion.

 Otherwise, the Sheikh Mahmoud Al Shall adds that there is no issue involving in the minds of youth or nation without reasons and the reason for the spread of atheism in the nation and among its youth is the weakness of religious discourse especially if some people has only the appearance of religiosity heads this religious discourse through media channels or rostrums away from the fundamental essence of religion as we find people explaining religion as only acts of worship without attracting their sights to that the Islamic religion is religion of soul and body taking into account the requirements of spirit and body.