The International Publication of Scientific Research is the Basis of University Development


Post-graduation studies council has hold a meeting on Sunday 20/11/2016 under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary to discuss the ways of improving post-graduation in the university, enhancing research capacity and taking care of applied scientific research.

As well, El Kemary stresses the need to reconsider the regulations, rules and procedures governing the activities of scientific research in the university and work to include all regulations in the different faculties in the unified schedule of scientific research and the reference is to motivate those in charge of scientific research activities to conform with the requirements of life to prevent the brain drain, so the university must make more efforts to gain access to the outputs of applied purposefully authentic innovative and creative scientific research.

El Kemary mentions that the international publication as a basis product for new scientific research has a great importance for universities and research centers in the world, as the actual meaning and the most important for international publication is the arrival of all researches product for all specialists, researchers and scientists in this branch of science.

 To multiply the numbers of internationally published researches as it is the begging of the way to assume the university a unique place among global universities, one should activate the number of procedures such as obliging the student to provide what proves the acceptance of one research for publication from scientific results deduced from Master’s Degree and two researches from Doctorate thesis and the publication should be in specialized scientific magazine issued by scientific authority regularly and have impact factor. The university should be in contact with its scientists abroad and invites them to work as visiting professors in the university to benefit from their experiences.

He also stresses the need to commit Egyptian researchers and envoys in scientific missions to get Doctorate abroad by writing the names of their universities on published international researches of their scientific theses and this is inherent right for their universities and for Egypt which is funding these missions financially.

Otherwise, el Kemary explains the importance of Nanotechnology institute for the importance of the role of Nanotechnology in changing the industries to transform from industries of traditional labor force to industries depending on Nanotechnology techniques.

He stresses the need to do workshops and training courses for researchers focused on improving the quality of researches, how to choose priorities, how to send researches and respond to the arbitrators and other important steps in the way of publishing the research internationally.