A Parking Lot for Students inside the University


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary mentions that a parking lot was established for students’ cars with a private entrance inside the university in the land located on the left of the Faculty of Arts to accommodate 250 cars surrounded by a fence to prevent the cars moving into the university with opening an internal gate in the eastern part for the students to walk from parking lot to the campus without a car.

This project will lead to prevent overcrowding the cars and traffic outside the university as a large number of students have forced to park their cars outside the university walls, making them vulnerable to irregularities by traffic officers in addition to maintaining the cars in a safe place with annual subscription at cost of 500 pounds paid in the account of the university hospital in the United Bank next to the university, account No 666666 and the student will be received budge of car entry with a serial number.

The president calls upon the students of car owners who wish to participate in this service to visit the citizens’ service office in the second floor in the university management with providing copies of the following documents:

National ID card, the car’s license, driving license, payment delivery 500 pounds in the account of the university hospital.