El Kemary opens the Eleventh Conference at the Faculty of Education: “Education and Egyptian Human Being Building”


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary opens today Tuesday 8/11/2016 the eleventh scientific conference organized by the Faculty of Education entitled “Education and Egyptian Human Being Building” within the strategic plan of Egypt for 2030 with the participation of professors of the Faculties of Education from various Egyptian universities.

As well, el Kemary said that education is main pillar in the march of building the human scientifically and morally and the excellence in education is our strategic choice for the insurance of the future of coming generations, so we need to education system that will achieve social leap and distinct economic and scientific stature and that will aim to develop the personality of integrated student in various aspects and dimensions: mental, physical, psychological, spiritual, social and aesthetic.

The president adds that we need to education that aims to acquire positive values system for students that represents in instilling honesty, justice, tolerance and pluralism, accepting the other, enhancing the values of belonging and tender; education that turns away from the ways of depositing information then summoning them in the paper of exam through conservation and memorization, but we need for education that cares for acquiring the students the basic skills, the innovative and creative thinking and criticism and acquiring the skills of self-learning to cope with the phenomenon of an explosion of knowledge and its accumulation.

Otherwise, el Kemary noted that the learner needs for self-learning, research and scrutiny and screening take positions and continuous education after graduation, stressing that the goal of education is to prepare the teacher for life by acquiring him/her skills, knowledge and values that will enable him to participate in the progress of his/her home, welfare and economy and achieve new good life for the learner, family and country.

To achieve this, we need for educators that consider teaching a national message and responsibility; the relationship of educators with the students should reflect the respect, containment, encouragement and guidance and educators that have the ability to verify the methods of teaching taking into account differentiation and disparity among students.

Finally, the president says “I hope from intellectual, cultural and academic elites to participate in the conference, the exchange of ideas and the discussion of opinions and mutual search about solutions to reach the most appropriate method to achieve excellence in education”.