The Formation of a Committee for the Full Operation of Kafrelsheikh University Hospital


Within the preparations of Kafrelsheikh University for the full operation of University Hospital and the upcoming visit of the President of Arab Republic of Egypt, Prof Dr Maged el Kemary has issued a resolution about forming committee for the completion of constituents of the full operation of the university hospital of ores and drugs and so on under the leadership and membership of the vice president Prof Dr Ali Abu Shoshaa, Secretary-General Abed Allah Gad; the counselor Maged el Habashy, the manager of the university hospital as well as the dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof Dr Hasan el Batti; Dr Mohamed Abed el All, the professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery, the director of the university hospital and procurement committee and staff member from each department of the university departments and the committee will hold a meeting daily to work to overcome the difficulties, follow up the speed of provision of constituents and requirements for the operation that have been delayed, put the operation plan for the university, draw the policies of work and its mechanisms and propose regulations as well as put the estimated operating budget, supervise over the work progress in operation, follow up the level of performance, take initiatives to achieve the vision, goals and values of Kafrelsheikh University hospital: the long-awaited dream to be a world-class Egyptian hospital to provide qualified health services to the people of Kafrelsheikh province and neighboring provinces.

As well, el Kemary urges the need to overcome the hurdles and obstacles that may face the workflow in the hospital in preparation for the full opening to the fullest in the presence of the President of Arab Republic of Egypt.