Patriotism and belonging……. Symposium at the Faculty of Agriculture


The religious convoys at Kafrelsheikh University organized by the Ministry of Awqaf in coordination with the university to educate young people about correction of Islam and clarifying the misunderstanding and misconceptions under the authority of the President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary.

As well, the Faculty of Agriculture has witnessed today the first events of these religious convoys by holding symposium entitled “patriotism, belonging and preferring defending him.

The Sheikh Mohamed Radwan stresses that belonging to homeland and working with the monopolists and traders of religion for political purposes away from groups of extremism and terrorism and thoughts as well as stray thoughts and not be misled by tendentious rumors and destructive calls which call for destabilizing the security and stability by making fabricated crises.

The Sheikh Shoaib Saqr adds that the belonging to homeland is through the mastery of work, dedication and pursuit of knowledge and excellence.