El Kemary Announces about the Policy of Trial Operation of University Hospital


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary meets with staff members, assistant staff, resident doctors, nursing and employees of the university hospital in the major seminar hall at the Faculty of Medicine to put strategies of operating the university hospital.

As well, the president welcomes all the attendees and thanks them for their response to the invitation, stressing that this shows their interest and eagerness to run the hospital successfully to provide the outstanding health services to the patients. He also announces about we have transferred from the phase of establishment to the phase of operation, knowing that the excellence in the process of operation need commitment and dedication, training and identifying all new and enhance the public interest over private interest until we can achieve the industry of identify. During this meeting, they discuss the best ways for the operation of the hospital, its mechanisms and regulations to achieve excellence for the hospital in its educational and health mission.

Otherwise, the president mentions that outpatient clinics in the university hospital is working now and receiving patients as well as the students of the fourth year are studying now in departments of Ophthalmology, and ear, nose and throat.

The president announces about the beginning of the second phase of the university hospital on Saturday 22/10/2016 which includes all medical analyses in hospital labs, Diagnostic Radiology and medical imaging as it contains the latest X ray, optical imaging, CT scan, Magnetic Resonance as well as Ultrasonic devices, early detection of breast cancer for women and Osteoporosis device. He also urges the employees to equip the department of endoscopes and hemodialysis to run the next week Inshallah and the rest departments will be operated consecutively according to the provision of nursing carders for running 24 hours a day.