El Kemary “the Increase of Fish Production is one of Important Themes of Economic Development inside Kafrelsheikh University”


The Faculty of Fisheries hold today Wednesday 12/10/2016 a seminar for its new students in the presence of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary to identify the university, its faculties, programs and different student activities.

At the beginning, el Kemary welcomes the new students at the beginning of the new academic year expressing his happiness of the reception of new batch, the completion of the four years at the faculty since its establishment and congratulating them for their enrollment and being belonged to Kafrelsheikh University family. As well, he explains that the construction of this faculty comes within the framework of the restructuring of the university architecturally and academically to transfer from being mere university that grant educational certificates to university that aims to employment especially that the province has 40% of fish production in Arab Republic of Egypt and the food security is one of themes of Egyptian national security.

El Kemary mentions that this faculty was established as Kafrelsheikh province is one important provinces in fish production as it is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea from the north about 100 km long and by the Nile from West about the depth of 85 km and there is the lake Borollos about 135,000 acre area as well as neighboring provinces as in the west, there is Edco lake in Bahira province; in the East, Lake Manzala in Dakahlia and Damietta and also Lake King Mariot in Alexandria and there are deaths of large amount of fish and the use of non-scientific methods in dealing with fishes, so this region is in dire need to exploit the science to serve this sector.

Otherwise, he adds that he begins to establish educational factory to produce fish feed whether mothers or fry as well as functional feed of the resistance and treatment of some seasonal diseases. He also establishes fish canning factory and the use of latest technology in fish processing and establish shrimp hatchery to train the student to transfer modern technologies in the fields of aquaculture and fish processing and presenting the art and technical device for employees in this field at Kafrelshikh and the neighboring provinces to provide a good environment for fish production in healthy and, so we strive to education of operation.

At the end of his speech, the president recommends the students for the need to strive in collecting academic sciences, acquiring many skills that will qualify them for labor market after graduation, the need to participate in different student activities whether sport or art, or cultural or social that in turn helps to build the students’ characters, develop innovation and spirit of cooperation and brotherhood and it also has role in community service and there will be the best ambassadors everywhere.