Honoring Ceremony for Prof Dr el Saied Hegazy, the Vice President for Post-Graduation Studies and Research


In a ceremony dominated by familiarity and in the presence of the president, deans, Secretary-General, counselor and the general manager of the president office, Prof Dr Maged el Kemary honors Prof Dr el Saied Hegazy, the vice president for post-graduation studies and research to reach the legal age of retirement.

As well, the attendees have exchanged the words of loyalty and thanks and the ceremony is concluded with souvenirs awarded to Dr el Saied Hegazy and with the speech of the president who presents his thanks and appreciation for his tender and dedication during the years of his work at the university. This appreciation and honor comes from the belief of continuity of generations, following the original university customs, the consolidation of the meanings of love, sincerity and loyalty and the confirmation of paying attention for the appreciation of professional success and creativity.