El Kemary Witnesses the Ceremony of the Reception of New Students at the Faculty of Agriculture


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary has witnessed on Sunday 9/10/2016 the ceremony of reception of new students organized by the Faculty of Agriculture to know more about the university, its faculties, programs and different students’ activities.

At the beginning of his speech, el Kemary welcomes the new students and congratulates their enrollment at Kafrelsheikh University, ask them to balance between the rights and duties for the success of educational process and abide by the university laws and regulations and they are not alone as the university management with them to provide the requirements of educational process according to the international standards and to provide the places of accommodation and remedy at student hospital and otherwise.

As well, he points out that the university education differs from pre-university education which depends on conservation and reductase of information, but the university education depends on self-education and acquiring educational and professional skills that are compatible with the requirements of labor market and Kafrelsheikh University is working on to transfer to the education for work and employment, stressing that the students of the second phase is accepted in student housing and the students who did not be accepted will be housed in student housing of social service with a total of 500 students as our goal is to work on the rest of our students.

At the end of his speech, the president recommends the students the need to participate in different student activities whether sportive or art, or culture or social which in turn will help in raising the efficiency of students, the development of innovation and the spirit of cooperation and brotherhood as well as role in community service and they should be the best ambassadors for the university everywhere.