El Kemary in October Victory Anniversary: the Sixth of October will be A Witness on the Sacrifices and Tournaments of Egyptian Army


Dr Maged el Kemary has presented congratulation for the Egyptian people and armed forces on the occasion of the forty-third anniversary of the victories of the sixth of October, expressing his pride of the men of armed forces, the protector of the nation.

From his side, the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary said that the victory of October is the first Arab victory on Israel that return to the Egyptian and Arab People the full confidence in the capabilities of our army after the great frustration witnessed by the Arab street after setback in 1967.

As well, he adds that the sixth of October will be a symbol of defiance and a statement of sacrifices and tournaments of Egyptian Army stressing that no one can deny the role of our armed forced aside to Egyptian people throughout the ages redemption for the home and protecting its people praying to Allah to protect our armed forces.