The President: Buying Endoscopes of Heart and Neurosurgery for University Hospital


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary held on Monday 3/10/2016 a meeting with laboratories and constructions committee to review the executive attitude of constructions inside the university, the faculties’ equipment such as the new building of the Faculty of Languages, the completion of the first phase of the faculty and the start of study and the completion of the auditoriums of the Faculty of Physical Therapy as well as the Faculty of Dentistry.

As well, the meeting reviews the needs of the new university hospital which has started operating experimentally, the buying of many endoscopes of heart and chest surgery as well as buying some scientific devices as endoscopes for Neurosurgery and urinary tract endoscope and medical devices and materials for the Department of Dentistry. Otherwise, the president urges the officials of contracting companies implementing some construction works for the speed completion of construction before the deadline and completing the work according to technical and engineering measurements agreed upon.