Announcement about Local Scholarships for Young Scientists in the Field of Environmental Sciences for 2017


The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO- ALESCO - ISESCO) announces about local scholarships for young scholarships in the field of environmental sciences for the financial year 2016/2017 presented annually for the budget of the Ministry of Higher Education for every financial year for researchers in the Egyptian Scientific Institutions in the fields of environmental sciences especially those that take place in the biosphere reserve as interfaces to develop a sustainable development research, or in other nature reserves, or other areas of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

·         The terms of application:

1)      The applicant should not be more than 40 years when the deadline for the submission of application

2)      The fulfillment of application form for Scholarship in English with a summary in Arabic including all data about candidate and research plan

3)      In the form, the applicant should determine the research required funding by orientations of UNESCO Program about human and biosphere (MAP) especially those related to the development of ongoing development of United States for 2015 and conducting researches at the level of environmental systems and Egyptian Biogeographical regions dealing with described issues.

4)       The place where the research has been conducted should be determined and the period of conducting research, the details of budget and the possibility of obtaining additional support for conducting research from other authorities.

5)      The value of scholarship is 5000 pounds and it is not included the purchase of devices or travel expenses outside Egypt, though it does not mind making part of the research or the whole in another country on condition that the candidate receive travel expenses, the approval of the host authority and the approval of national committee for the MAP program in the other country and attach them to application form.

6)      The nomination forms should be presented after the fulfillment of its data from the candidate and accredited from your majesty to the Egyptian National Committee for Education, Science and Culture and the committee will choose the most suitable candidates among the received nominations.

7)      A contract is signed between the national committee and the winning candidate determining the terms of disposition of scholarship.

The deadline for receiving the nominations is on October 30, 2016 and the nominations should be sent to the following address:

Prof Dr/ the Secretary-General of the national committee of UNESCO

The Higher Education Ministry building - 7 Ibrahim Abu Naja St. Extension of Abbas El Akkad St. - Nasr City, Embassies district, the second floor.

That's not going to pay attention to any nominations are not accredited by Prof Dr the Dean or the head of the center, or which are received after the deadline.

     To download the application form, please visit: