The President Honors the Top Students of High School and Takes Them a Tour inside the University Campus


Dr Maged el Kemary has honored on Wednesday 27/7/2016 the six students of the sons of Kafrelsheikh province obtaining the first place (repeat) within the tops students at the level of the Republic in the high school.

He has called the tops students of high school to continue diligence for achieving excellence and scientific genius throughout their university study pointing out that the education and scientific research is the way of progress for our beloved Egypt and making it in the rank of advanced countries in various fields.

Otherwise, the students accompanied by the president have done a survey for the Faculties of Science, medicine and Fisheries and the new university hospital equipped according to the latest global medical equipment.

As well, el Kemary has stressed that the university welcomes its outstanding and talented students to study in its various scientific and theoretical faculties as Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Science and Languages pointing out that Kafrelsheikh University has a privileged position among the Egyptian and Arab Universities, so it has ranked the second place in the field of international scientific publication among the Egyptian Universities as they are granted appreciation certificates and university shield in recognition and honor for their scientific excellence.

The top students have praised the prestigious level of Kafrelsheikh University in terms of the advanced educational and research possibilities of the university, the architectural and constructional excellence, the civilized coordination inside the campus and the research university labs.

It is worth mentioning that the honored student are: Nada Ali Abed el Salam el Gammal, the first place (repeat) with total of 409.5, management of East Kafrelsheikh, Hisham Barakat School; Amira Sadik Ismail, the first place (repeat) with total of 409.5, management of East Kafrelsheikh, Kafr el Zayat School for girls; Mohamed Ibrahim Abed el Aziz Ismail el Nagar, the first place (repeat) with a total of 409.5, Qaleen Management, New Secondary Qaleen school for males; Mustafa Fathi Taha Mohamed, the first place (repeat) with total of 409.5, Sidi Salem School, Secondary Sidi Salem School for males; Abeer el Saied Mohamed el Shawadi, the first place (repeat) with total of 409.5, Biala Management, New Secondary Biala School for girls and Amira Abbas Fawzy Salih Hussein, the fourth place with total of 408.5, Baltim Management, Secondary Borollos Tower School for males and females.