The University Council Agrees to Establish the First Nanotechnology Institute


El Kemary mentions that the university has established infrastructure for this technology through establishing Nanotechnology center as well as labs of Nano photons and Solar Energy at the Faculty of Science and building partnerships with distinct entities in Nanotechnology from all over the developed world in these areas, as well as preparing distinct research cadres with different scientific backgrounds in the field of Nanotechnology. Thus, Kafrelsheikh University has a strong infrastructure that help it on creativity in this technology and the development of safe products based on this technology.

He added that the aim of the establishment of this institute to conduct applied researches to provide Nano products obtained the certificate of safety for individuals, environment and the certificate of quality also, granting Master’s Degree and Doctorate certificates, conducting workshops and lectures for students of schools, universities, institutes and business sector and others interested in this technology of the community members to spread the culture of Nanotechnology in our life. As well, this institute is also responsible and accredited authority and experience center to provide the correct and reliable information of Nanotechnology and its applications. This technology will enable us to build cross-border scientific partnerships, attract outstanding scientific competences from all over the world, link the institute to immigrant Egyptian scientists abroad and invite them to work as visiting professors to provide their research experiences for researchers in the institute to localize the new techniques and develop them to take advantages of them.

As well, he explains that Nanotechnology has added different and new behaviors and characteristics for materials, so its development and economic effects will be too great and it will form important transformations in the global economy in addition to its certain and direct role in human development all over the world as these techniques have a significant direct and indirect effect on the life of citizen in all fields of life overall health, industry, energy, water as well as environment, communications, information, electronics, space, military industries and others and have economic effects, therefore, one should pay attention for this technology to provide opportunities of study and training to provide opportunities of study and training to create a new generation of scientists and researchers in the fields of Nanotechnology until it can catch up with the advanced global convoy.

It has been taken into account in the design of the institute the application of intelligent building systems and the creation of clean rooms.