Deans Council Stresses the Importance of Disseminating the Culture of Quality among the Faculties


Deans Council held under the chairmanship of the President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary on August 8, 2016 a meeting to discuss the preparations for the new academic year, follow up the studies plans and spread the culture of quality among the faculties.

As the president urged the deans to pay attention to programs to raise the efficiency of staff members and their assistants, improve the institutional, academic and administrative efficiency of the faculties, the scientific program presented and the facilities that support the educational process, self-evaluation, the study of strength and weakness in the offered programs and their relationship with community institutions and labor market.

As well, the president stressed the importance of following up the performance and activities, the continuous development of practical to process, the continuous development for educational process, the technical follow up for development projects and quality assurance and rehabilitate the faculties for institutional and academic accreditation at the local and international level.