University Performance Development Council Meeting


University performance development council meeting was held under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary on Monday 20/6/2016 to preview and discuss the plans of university performance development in different faculties to achieve the quality of education and upgrading in scientific research system in the presence of Dr Ali Abu Shoshaa, the vice president for community service and environment development; Dr el Saied Hegazy, the vice president for post-graduation studies and research; Dr Abed el Raziq el Dousouky, the vice president for education and students’ affairs and Mr Abed Allah Gad, Secretary-General of the university.

As well, the meeting reviews the reports of the activities of scientific excellence centers during the months of April and May as well as the activities of the university performance development in different faculties which aims to apply the quality systems for achieving accreditation for which the university seeks in the coming period.


From his side, the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary said that many seminars and introductory meetings about quality concepts in different faculties to prepare the faculties for accreditation, spreading the culture and characteristics of the graduate, the definition of the standard reference national standards and the strategies of education and learning.

He stresses that they should pay attention to educational process and develop curriculums and programs that serve the community demanding to develop the ways and mechanisms of teaching in different faculties and to be commitment to the prices of textbooks according to prices prescribed by the university council to ease the burden on the students