Deans Council….. “Intellectual Property Protection”


Kafrelsheikh University Deans Council was held under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary on Monday 9/5/2016 in the presence of the vice president for community service and environment development Prof Dr Ali Abu Shoshaa; the vice president for post-graduation and research affairs Prof Dr el Saied Hegazy, the Secretary-General Mr Abed Allah Gad and the deans.

As well, el Kemary stresses the deans and vices of dean for post-graduation studies to take the necessary measures for the protection of intellectual property rights of post-graduate students who should apply for point of contact for the university associated with patents offices of Scientific Research Academy in the case of registration a topic that contains (patent or utility model or graphics and charts of integrated circuits) before presenting or publish any thesis content according to the provisions of law No (82) for the year 2002.

The council also discusses the ways of internationalization of scientific journals in the faculties and el Kemary mentions that the success of the university as research and educational institution is not only by its administration, but with the togetherness of all staff members, employees and students through enhancing the public interest and putting it as the highest goal for all and being away from personal and private interests, stressing that the university seeks to excellence in all its faculties and its scientific and research centers starting from locality to globalism.