Prime Shaikh meet new Palmaidyn University Faculty of Medicine

Met Dr. Majid Lunar Prime Kafr el-Sheikh University, on Sunday, the new lecturers at the Faculty of Medicine and assistant lecturers at the Faculty of Dentistry and who have completed their appointment procedures for the different sections.
At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman of Shaikh University welcomed Palmaidyn new teachers of the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry where he asked them to exert maximum effort and excellence in their work in order to provide quality service to the students of the college, and to commit themselves with university values ??and interest system of scientific research and that the goal of meeting the definitions you are the future and hope, and any the development of the university is to develop human cadres.
"The lunar" that human development begins Palmaidyn and assistant teachers must be strengthened and the public interest over private interest. And that the correct initially lead to a true and honorable results so it should start from where they left the others and that the goal of obtaining a master's and doctorate degrees is to achieve certain goals and gain expertise that entitle their holders for excellence in their specialties so each person should have a future and the determination of a vision for achieving the vision, and permanent roof high ambitions.
For their part, the new Repeaters expressed their happiness overwhelming Bastelamanm work and the start of the academic careers between throughout Shaikh University, which has become a given scientific exceptional position between the Egyptian and European universities, stressing that they will be making strenuous efforts to upgrade the college and serve their students as well as the local community sector service.