El Kemary Announces about the Priorities of the Next Phase of the University in Press Conference


Oncology Center, popular demand we have to achieve

The opening of the university hospital in the next April, we are preparing for establishing Heart and Chest Center, the Building of Computing and Business Center

The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary held a press conference to announce about what has been achieved in the university and the priorities of the next phase.

As well, El kemary announces during the conference about the opening of the university hospital in National Day of the university in the next April which will provide sophisticated and distinct medical and health services for the sons of the province who are suffering from many serious and chronic diseases within the severe deficiencies in medical services through the latest diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical equipment and Intensive care rooms saying that as far as we are happy of these achievements as this is responsibility of all of us to run the university hospital which completed the first phase of integrated medical city which the university began to implement and which included five medical faculties, student hospital and outpatient clinics of the Faculty of Physical Therapy.

As well, the president said that we have started in the second stage of medical city by setting series of specialized medical centers starting from Heart and Chest Center as well as technical institute for Nursing and the Faculty of applied and health science adding that despite the shortness of the past period, but we have come a long way in completing this project which will allow to provide medical, curative and therapeutic services and we are studying the establishment of center for tumors for treating the third level of tumor which is considered a popular demand for the people of the province.

Otherwise, the president announces about the opening of new five faculties and they are the Faculties of Dentistry, Nursing, Fisheries, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine as well as the opening of additional building for fish ponds, educational factory for manufacturing, packing and preservation of fishes and another one for the manufacture of medicine in the Faculty of Pharmacy.

The president mentions that there is tender for the establishment of the Faculty of Computer and Information in which the study has begun this year in temporary building. They will start to set up the second phase of the Faculty of Engineering which consists of engineering workshops and auditoriums.

He stresses that the university adopts many initiatives and constructive ideas for the development of academic and research performance through strategic plan which focuses on the quality of learning and innovation through research groups and map to supply the sector of industry and business with useful research ideas and production and the university has developed ambitious training programs for the development of administrative device and staff members to develop their skills to achieve the highest standards of quality in educational programs. 

El Kemary announces about establishing commercial and entertainment center among the medical and practical faculties consisting of three floors containing cafeterias, supermarket and commercial shops for educational and medical tools, headquarters of youth welfare and students union and club of expatriate students.

On the other hand, he announces about hosting the University for Universities Student Housing Week on 7-13 February entitled “Egypt is country of safety and security” in which 20 Egyptian universities will participate and this week is one of the most important and biggest forums of Egyptian universities youth which support the acquaintance, communication and exchange of experts among the universities youth, exchange experts among the universities, highlight talents, renewal of positive energies for students participating in cultural, sportive, art and scientific activities. It is an opportunity to market the university and highlight its institutional and constructional excellence of clubs, labs and places for practice of activity.